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SEMINAR – Breaking down the microbiome
8th Annual NIIM Symposium 2023
Can adventure prevent Dementia?
The Neuroscience of Sleep
Mould Matters: Creating A Healthier Environment
The Art of Making Tough Choices
SEMINAR – Navigating Perimenopause with Confidence
Webinar – Psychological Resources for Long-Covid
International Women’s Day 2023 Event
NIIM Webinar | Maintain & Boost your Mental Wellbeing
NIIM Webinar | Women’s Health Week: Empower your mind and body
NIIM Webinar | Boost Your Immunity: Feeling Well In And Out Of Lockdown
FREE Webinar | Achieving your Health and Wellbeing Goals
NIIM Webinar | SLEEP – One Of The Corner Stones Of Good Health
NIIM Webinar – On Mood and Pain: Medicinal Cannabis and Intestinal Microbiome 
NIIM Webinar – A Doctor’s Advice: Recent Developments in COVID-19
NIIM Webinar: Emerging Healthier from a COVID-19 world
Webinar: Men’s Health Week 2020: Supercharge Your Health
Webinar: Your Health is Your Wealth: Work Wellbeing at Home
Webinar – Keeping Your Mind & Body Healthy for the Long Haul
International Women’s Day 2020
Special Interest Event | Health Benefits of Medicinal Cannabis
Special Event | Pre-Diabetes: The Silent Condition
6th Annual Symposium ‘Integrative Medicine: The Art & Science’
Free Public Lecture – CANCER: An Integrative Approach
Medicinal Cannabis Prescribing: Building Knowledge and Confidence – NIIM Webinar
Clinician Event – Your Solution Compounding Pharmacy Hawthorn Launch
New Approaches to Mental Health: Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, PTSD and more
NIIM Free Public Lecture – August 2019
Free Public Lecture – SKIN – Your body’s largest organ
Men’s Health Week – 2019
Natural Medicine Week at the NIIM Clinic Dispensary
Free Public Seminar – Children’s Health
International Women’s Day 2019
Free Public Lecture – Lifestyle Management & Self Care in a Frenetic World
5th Annual Symposium: Integrative Medicine: The Art & Science
The Forces at Play & Environmental Impacts
Your medical support network at NIIM
Cancer Risk: Groundbreaking Blood Test allows Early Detection
Cutting Through the Haze – Medicinal Cannabis Public Event
How To Have a Healthy Gut
STRESS: how it affects our health and what we can do
Chronic Pain & Inflammation – Free Public Education Seminar
Cutting Through the Haze | Medicinal Cannabis Public Event
Essentials of Medicinal Cannabis: Practitioner Event
Opportunities with China in Nutrition and Health
Clean Living: How to clean up your environment and stay healthy
Heart Health, Cardiovascular Disease & Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract
Free Public Seminar: Diabetes and Heart Health
Free Public Seminar: Prostate Health
International Women’s Day Special Event 2018
Free Public Seminar: Children’s Health
4th ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM – Integrative Medicine The Art & Science
Role Models
NIIM Free Public Lecture – Anxiety in Childhood and Developmental Delays
NIIM Free Public Lecture – DIABESITY
Monthly Relaxation Sessions with Catherine Dunlop
Nurture Yourself & Celebrate on International Women’s Day 2017
Nurture Yourself & Celebrate on International Women’s Day 2017
NIIM Free Public Lecture – Effective Building Blocks for Healthy Children & Adolescents
NIIM Free Public Lecture – Laser Treatment for Medical & Cosmetic Conditions
Heskiers Method Foundation Course – Melbourne And Brisbane