NIIM Webinar – A Doctor’s Advice: Recent Developments in COVID-19

Event Date: September 9, 2020, 7:30 pm

Join Professor Avni Sali AM and Professor Ian Brighthope for an informative and interactive discussion about the latest developments in the treatment, management and prevention of COVID-19.

As Victoria transitions out of Stage 4 Lockdown, many are looking towards the future and are now focussed on improving our health and wellbeing in a post-COVID world.
NIIM Founder, Professor Sali, and Founding President of ACNEM Professor Ian Brighthope will share general health advice on:
– Supplementation, including Zinc, Vitamin D and C;
– Exercise and lifestyle management;
– Stress Management and Mental Health; and
– The importance of sleep.
This will be an interactive discussion, so feel free to submit questions to media@niim.com.au.

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