Integrative Health Check

The NIIM Integrative Health Check is designed in collaboration with our leading Integrative Medical and Allied Healthcare Practitioners to provide you with a comprehensive health and wellbeing assessment to empower you to take control of your health and create a balanced life.

The Integrative Health Check Program is provided by a dedicated multidisciplinary team of that consists of a:

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Medical Practitioner

Medical Practitioners combine the most effective conventional and evidence-based complementary therapies, nutrition and lifestyle interventions to help prevent illness and promote health. The Medical Practitioner will assess your current health status and provide you with recommendations for optimal health.

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Learn about the relationship between the body’s structure, framework and function. The Osteopath will undertake an examination of your body’s structure and integrated function, taking into account associated environmental and lifestyle factors.

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The Naturopath will undertake a detailed review of your present health based upon your questionnaire and the pathology testing, and may recommend nutritional and herbal medicine to help improve your health. ​

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Mental health is an important aspect of overall health and wellbeing. The Psychologist will assess your current level of psychological wellbeing. This is not just about immediate happiness or positive emotions but about leading a good life that is balanced and whole. ​

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Health Coach

A certified NIIM Health Coach will work in partnership with you to identify your unique health goals and build your capacity to live a healthier life. Your Health Coach will give you an insight into motivation and encourage self-awareness and positive behaviour change. ​

Our Team

The specialist team of practitioners involved in your Integrative Health Check


It was a very good experience for me as I have not done something like this before. I now have an awareness of current health issues, and ways of tackling these!” – Conrad D.  ​​

“I believe this to be the most comprehensive Health Check program available. The staff are courteous, professional and fun. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in improving or maintaining their health and lifestyle” – Nathan S.​​

“Since participating in the program I have lost some much needed weight and continue to do so. This is not only by way of diet but most importantly in changing my lifestyle.  Today I now feel the best I have in years and am proud of the continuing efforts I am making and will have to continue to make and stick to on my journey through life.” – Clinton T.​​

“I am a typical male who prefers to avoid all aspects of the medical profession than to engage with it but like most of us, I found it necessary to have comprehensive medical checks.  The NIIM program has been the best making it deeply personal and providing what I perceived as best alternatives.” – Robert L.  

The practitioners were incredible. One year later I am in a much better place with my health and more in tune with my body and mind.  I would urge anyone who is serious about their health to undergo a NIIM Integrative Health Check as it may just save your life.” – Angela S.

Empowering you on your health journey.