Peter Webb

Integrative Psychologist

M.Appl.Sci. (Coaching Psych.) U.Syd.
B.Econ Hons (Org. Psych.) U.Qld.
B.Naturopathy ACNT
Certified Member Australian Psychological Society
Endorsed Psychologist Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency


Peter Webb is an experienced psychologist, endorsed by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. He has been a member of the Australian Psychological Society for nearly 40 years. During that time, he also trained in naturopathic clinical medicine and conducted successful practices in mind-body therapies (how mindset and emotions influence health and disease) over a 15-year period.

Peter is also a leadership coach with broad experience working with leaders and top teams in medium to large enterprises and government agencies across the Asia Pacific region for the past 20 years. He is well known for his research and practice in wise decision making, including papers, conference presentations, book chapters, and workshops.

Peter’s counselling approach is well-suited to individuals who find themselves facing doubt, or dilemma, or disruption in their personal and professional lives. He draws on a range of successful therapeutic approaches including cognitive behaviour therapy, schema therapy, mindfulness, and neuropsychotherapy. He also applies his own research into the psychology of wisdom to help individuals make wiser choices for themselves and others when they are going through a transition in their career or in their personal development.

Peter easily builds a warm and trusting alliance with his clients. His understanding of complex dynamic systems helps him quickly get to the core issues where he applies evidence-based, solution-focused practices to help his clients dissolve the inner and outer obstacles to achieving their goals and living well.


Anxiety & phobias
Bipolar Disorder
Grief & loss
Organisational restructuring
Personality assessment
Psychological first aid
Stress management
Workplace/executive coaching
Assertiveness training
Cancer support (clients and carers)
Health-related problems

Life transition & adjustment issues
Panic Disorder
Personality disorders
Work stress
Behaviour problems
Human resource management
Life/personal coaching
Performance management
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Sleeping disorders
Workplace bullying

Peter Webb has written a new book to assist individuals, teams and organisations to make the big decisions in their life.

System 3 Thinking: How to Choose Wisely when facing Doubt, Dilemma, or Disruption (2021).

The book is available here.  Apply the code s3t2023 for a 20% discount, and the book will be sent anywhere in Australia, postage free.

Read more about Peter’s book – System 3 Thinking

Or listen to Peter discuss why he wrote the book and how it can help you when the need tools to make the right choice.

Consultation times, fees and bookings
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