NIIM Webinar | Maintain & Boost your Mental Wellbeing

Event Date: October 11, 2021, 6:00 pm

2021 has been a challenging time for managing our mental health.

We are experiencing a period of prolonged uncertainty, isolation, restrictions, and the constantly changing position in our everyday lives is stressful.

Though we may have limited control over many of these factors, there is much we can do to bolster individual and community resilience and coping in the face of such stressors.

With good mental health we can cope with the stressors of our daily lives, participate in loving relationships, contribute to our community, and work towards our goals.

Join us for this special webinar during Mental Health Week:
Date: Monday 11 October
Time: 6-7pm

Learn how you can help support yourself and others to adapt to this challenging time. Speakers will provide a range of tools and strategies to help you deal with anxiety, life disruptions, build resilience and engage in work, study, and everyday lives during the pandemic and beyond.