NIIM Free Public Lecture – DIABESITY

Event Date: May 17, 2017, 6:30 pm


Diabesity is a term coined due to the strong linkage of Diabetes and Obesity. Dr Kevin Lee and Leora Sifris will review the data that supports an integrative approach to help manage Diabesity. As a leading researcher in the field, Dr Lee will present how scientific data influences clinical practice and case studies will be used to show how an integrative team, including mindfulness practices can create long lasting health changes. Their talk will guide you through the practical techniques that span medications to stress management, nutrition, mindful eating and psychosocial change.

Dr Kevin Lee
MBBS (Hon) BSc (Hon) MMH FRACP (Endocrinology) PhD
A specialist Physician and Endocrinologist, Kevin is a medical researcher at Monash University with interest in the role of stress and how it affects our health, weight and wellbeing. His work in this area has won him several awards including the Diabetes Australia Research Establishment Grant from the Royal College of Physicians as well as the Young Scientist of The Year by the Endocrine Society of Australia. He has extended his understanding of the hormonal system by being actively engaged in research with publications in peer reviewed journals both as a clinician and a research scientist. Examining the mind-body relationship and role of mindfulness in medicine, Kevin emphasises treatment plans that are holistic, spanning medication to meditation.

Leora Sifris
An Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist, Leora holds a Bachelor of Health Science degree and a Master of Dietetic Practice. She brings a passionate interest in health and nutrition, and focuses on creating lasting health changes that encompasses all aspects of health and lifestyle, including emotional, behavioural, mental and physical factors to reach your nutrition goals. Leora has also undertaken further training in the practice of mindful eating and is highly experienced at helping guide you through this and help you approach food differently.