Research at NIIM

The NIIM Research department seeks to:

  • Build the evidence base for the use of complementary therapies independently and alongside conventional medicine
  • Monitor tolerability and safety of complementary therapies
  • Build awareness and recognition of effective complementary therapies in the general public, scientific community and government and funding bodies

Integrative approaches to health including complementary and alternative therapies can optimise general well-being and prevent disease, which has a major beneficial impact on public health. Integrative therapies may also provide a source for effective treatment of chronic diseases and complement current conventional therapies.

NIIM facilitates primarily clinical research, and with its strong links to academic institutions has access to laboratory and basic research. Quality research draws on its expert knowledge and suitable resources, and involves the development of study protocols, supervision of research staff and students, project management, interpretation and analysis of results, dissemination through peer-reviewed journal articles, and media releases, and assistance with reporting and regulatory submissions in relation to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

NIIM has initiated and been involved in several research programs, and aims to become a major provider of research as well as offering grants to undertake research in the longer term.

New studies – expression of interest:

Ongoing studies