Prostate Cancer Screening Study

NIIM has recently developed a New Blood Test shown to markedly improve the early detection of Prostate Cancer.

The new improved Prostate Cancer Screening Test combines the ISET®-Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC) Test1 with Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) marker testing achieving a more than 97% accuracy.

The New Prostate Cancer Screening Test has an estimated positive-predictive-value (PPV) of 99% and negative-predictive-value (NPV) of 97%.

This is in contrast to the less accurate standard PSA-blood-test, which provides a PPV or true positives of approximately 25% and NPV of 15.5%.

Prostate cancer is the most common in men, and the second leading cause of cancer deaths (22%) in Australia.2

One-in-Seven Australian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer by aged 85, with more than 3,300 men dying each year.  This number is rising, suggesting the need for a more reliable and accurate way to diagnose the disease.

1 https://www.niim.com.au/research/circulating-tumour-cells-ctc-trial

2 Prostate cancer in Australia. Data available via https://www.canceraustralia.gov.au/affected-cancer/cancer-types/prostate-cancer/statistics 


New improved Prostate Cancer Screening Test published in
Frontiers in Oncology April 2020, 10, 582.



For the next phase of our research we are SEEKING 50-75 YEAR OLD MALES who would like to participate in this larger study of 500 participants.

The study will involve a simple blood test requiring 5-10 min of your time.

The blood test will provide your doctor with some information about the probability of detecting prostate cancer.

You will be encouraged to discuss the results of the NEW PROSTATE CANCER SCREENING TEST with your doctor.

For local participants (Melbourne, VIC): you can have your blood taken at the NIIM Clinic, Hawthorn.

For interstate participants (Aus): a test kit can be sent to you/ your doctor

For more information and for expressions of interest

Click on the button below:

or email directly to: research@niim.com.au / Subject heading: Prostate Screening Test Study


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