The Vitamin D Study

The Vitamin D Study

Prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency in adults & prevention of respiratory tract infections

Vitamin D & respiratory tract infections

A large body of studies have shown Vitamin D levels to be of great importance in the prevention and severity of acute respiratory infections. Vitamin D protects against pathogens including viruses via the innate and adaptive immune system, involving white blood cells and T-cells. It is known, that a large proportion of Australians are Vitamin D deficient, specifically older people. Research has shown Vitamin D supplementation to be a key to alleviate Vitamin D deficiency.

For more details, see our recently published article:

Vitamin-D and COVID-19: Time for the profession to take a stand. By Prof Ian Brighthope, Prof Avni Sali, AProf Dr Karin Ried

Media Release – Vitamin D – The simple and cost-effective supplement proven in research to enhance immunity against COVID 19

We are seeking participants aged 18 years and older, who are willing to have a blood test done to assess their Vitamin D levels.

What’s involved?

  1. Schedule a blood test at NIIM to measure Vitamin D.
  2. The first 100 participants deficient or suboptimal in Vitamin D will be provided with FREE Vitamin D supplements.
  3. All participants will be encouraged to discuss all test results with their doctor.
  4. A follow-up blood test at 3 months after Vitamin D supplementation will be available.
  5. The researcher will also ask some questions re medication intake, general health, and mood.

For more information and for expressions of interest:

or email directly to: / Subject heading: Vitamin D study