Vitamin D – the simple and cost-effective supplement proven in research to enhance immunity against COVID 19

Date: 30-03-2021

Media Release

Vitamin D – the simple and cost-effective supplement proven in research to enhance immunity against COVID 19

Recent international research suggests Vitamin D supplementation can be a useful and practical means of reducing the risk of Covid 19 infection. An estimated 50% of all Australians are Vitamin D deficient and boosting Vitamin D levels in the body has a range of health benefits. The elderly and those with darker skin are particularly at risk of developing a Vitamin D deficiency.

The Integrative Healthcare industry is now calling for all healthcare practitioners to further consider Vitamin D levels in vulnerable patients and to inform the general public of the potential of Vitamin D to boost immunity against viruses and respiratory illness. Optimal Vitamin D levels are understood to be an important health protocol in the prevention of Covid 19, and able to reduce the severity of symptoms in those who may have contracted Covid 19.

Professor Avni Sali AM (NIIM), Ian Brighthope (ACNEM) and A/Prof Dr Karin Ried report in their paper ‘Vitamin D and Covid 19: Time for the profession to take a stand‘ (published 21/1/2021 in Advances in Integrative Medicine): The mechanism by which Vitamin D improves immunity is well understood. Vitamin D protects against pathogens, such as the Covid 19 virus, by exerting important regulatory functions on both the innate and adaptive immune system, including increased activity of white blood cells, improved T-Cell defence and a reduction in inflammation {1}.

A simple blood test can pinpoint the Vitamin D levels in the body, and a healthcare professional can recommend the appropriate dosage for each individual. The extent of the Vitamin D deficiency will influence the daily dosage required to restore the body to optimal Vitamin D levels. This may take some months in some individuals and an ongoing Vitamin D protocol should be considered as an important element in a proactive health and wellness plan.

Since the emergence of Covid 19 in early 2020, multiple international studies from the UK, Spain, Israel, New Zealand and Australia have confirmed the role Vitamin D can play in achieving optimal health in a post-Covid world. A meta-analysis and systematic review of 25 randomised controlled trials involving 11,321 participants aged 0-95 concluded that Vitamin D supplementation can prevent acute respiratory tract infection and the effect was the greatest in those with deficient Vitamin D levels {2}. 

Vitamin D can be shown to prevent the onset and severity of acute respiratory tract infections including, but not limited to, Covid 19. Adequate Vitamin D levels are important for the elderly and those in aged care, especially for people who may not be able to spend appropriate periods of time outdoors in the sun.  The good news is that Vitamin D deficiency is simple to diagnose, and straightforward to treat with Vitamin D supplementation {3}.


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