Dr Ewald Einoder

Dr Ewald Einoder


Ewald Graduated from Monash University in 1966 as MB.BS.

An ongoing awareness that EXPERIENCE [THE SUBJECTIVE] is what really matters to people led Ewald early into the field of psychiatry.

Over a period of twenty years he gained extensive experience at the coal-front of all aspects of psychiatry: A two year sojourn overseas familiarised me with the perennial philosophy, the fine arts, Taoism, Freud, Jung, and Konrad Lorenz.

Within a few years of working in the Drug and Alcohol field the limitations of modern scientific medicine became glaringly obvious to Ewald, directed him into;

  1. Nutritional and Environmental Medicine,
  2. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine,
  3. The New Age Movement – this included many forms of Meditation, Tai chi, Astrology, the Tao of Physics, an appreciation of Nature, and the enjoyment of cooking and gardening.

I have incorporated the above 3 areas in my daily practice of Psychiatry since 1980. This has resulted in some major shifts of my perspectives on patient care, to mention just a few:

  1. Science can only deal with the particular whereas Love [coming from the heart] deals with wholes.
  2. All disease is at all times physical, mental and spiritual. Healing implies a change at all three levels.
  3. Recovery from Clinical Addiction and many chronic diseases does not occur unless one includes spiritually based concepts / principles in the management
  4. The power of mind is vastly greater than that of the body. What you truly believe you live.

Dr Ewald Einoder is currently an active academic consultant in Mind-Body medicine at NIIM.