NIIM Integrative HealthCheck

Due to the COVID-19 Health Crisis the NIIM Integrative Healthcheck is currently on hold

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Created by Professor Avni Sali and leading integrative doctors, the NIIM Integrative HealthCheck is the only program in Australia to fully utilise an integrative approach.

Our clinic combines traditional diagnostic excellence with state-of-the-art integrative medicine to bring you a detailed assessment of your diet, lifestyle, nutritional levels, toxins, digestion, medical history, exercise habits, stressors, environment, and other relevant health indicators.

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Why have a HealthCheck?

In 2015, NIIM published a research paper ‘Integrative health check reveals suboptimal levels in a number of vital biomarkers‘, using anonymised data from the NIIM Integrative HealthCheck. Among the findings was that “Suboptimal values were evident in a large portion of participants in vitamin D, vitamin B12, homocysteine, and iodine levels.”