Electromagnetic Wave Therapy (EMT) for Pain Relief

Electromagnetic Millimetre Wave Therapy (EMT), originally developed in Russia, has shown promise in pain relief therapy in several randomised controlled trials conducted in the USA and Europe in the last 15 years. EMT was shown to be effective in reducing painful conditions, including joint pain, headache, postoperative pain, and neuropathic pain.

Aims of this study

In this study, we want to find out:

  1. The effect of EMT on pain relief
  2. The effect of EMT on pain related quality of life
  3. The duration of pain relief by EMT
  4. The tolerability of EMT

How does EMT work?

EMT involves a local exposure of the skin (2-3 cm2) to low power electromagnetic waves ( The patient holds the device for 15 minutes either to the localised area of pain or, in case of systemic pain, to the sternum.
EMT may have three main effects: (i) sedative and analgesic; (ii) anti-inflammatory action and enhancement of tissue generation processes and (iii) immune stimulation.

Who can participate in this study?

You have been approached to participate in this study

  1. You have experienced pain for at least 1 month
  2. You are willing to hold the EMT applicator for 15 minutes, while wearing a blood pressure and temperature monitor
  3. You are willing to fill in questionnaire booklet over the next four days

What will I need to do?

One session of Electromagnetic Wave Therapy (EMT) involves:

  • 15 minutes holding the EMT applicator to the location of pain once on a day
  • 4x per week treatments on every 2nd day are recommended
  • Filling in a questionnaire booklet each day for 7 days
  • Weekly hire of the EMT device is $50
  • First treatment is FREE

Are there any side-effects?

A small number of patients may develop a rare pruritic rash in the abdominal and thoracic areas after five to seven treatments. This rash has been attributed to direct contact of the EMT applicator with the skin in some cases. The rash disappeared in all such cases after completion of the treatment.

Privacy and confidentiality

Your personal data will be known only to the study team and your doctor. All data collected will be de-identified before analysis and stored securely in locked files at the NIIM clinic. No personal data will be divulged in publication.


There is a cost of $50 weekly hire fee, participants are however eligible for a free first session.

Who should I contact if I want to take part, or have any questions about the study?

To make a booking contact the NIIM clinic reception in-person or by phone: (03) 9804 0646, or for more information contact

A/Prof Dr Karin Ried
Research Director and Principal Investigator
National Institute of Integrative Medicine
Hawthorn, VIC 3122
Phone: 03 9912 9545
Email: karinried@niim.com.au

If you wish to discuss with an independent person matters related to making a complaint, or your rights as a participants, contact the Human Research Ethics Committee’s Secretary on hrec@niim.com.au.