Dr Victor W.K. Lee (Phd)

B.Sci.(Hons.), M.Sci., PhD

As a post graduate student (1968-1985), Dr Victor Lee completed a PhD in male reproductive endocrinology and also worked at the Monash University Department of Anatomy, the Monash University Department of Medicine (Prince Henry’s Hospital Medical Research Centre), and as an NHMRC research Fellow, where he was involved in the development and quality control of radioimmunoassay and bioassays of hormones.

Between 1985 and 1994, Dr Lee lectured at Deakin University in Endocrinology, Molecular Biology, Biology and Biochemistry. Dr Lee also supervised five PhD students in various areas of bioscience, during which time he developed a particular research interest in the relationship between the reproductive and immune systems. His research led him to investigate the influence of stress hormones on immunity, and the role of antioxidants in maintaining a robust immune system with age and preventing age-related illness, such as arthritis.

Most recently, in his work as a Bioscience Consultant, Dr Lee has led a project in developing endothelised vascular grafts, involving growth, harvest and attachment of endothelial cells for the purpose of producing ‘customised’ vascular grafts. From his vast experience, Dr Lee brings to NIIM his expertise in neuroendocrinology and Bioscience technology.