Dr Tasnuva Tamanna

Dr Tasnuva Tamanna

PhD, BPharm (Hons)

Dr Tasnuva is working as a Senior Researcher at NIIM since October, 2018. She is primarily assisting with the Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC) Test. She has been involved in other studies like Prostate Cancer Screening Study, Cannabis Sleep Study, The Alliance Long COVID-19 Treatment Trial.

She has a Bachelor of Pharmacy (equivalent to Honors) and completed her PhD in Science in 2017 from Swinburne University of Technology, where she investigated application of nanoparticles in biomedical science and developed smart thin films for tunable loading and controlled release of medicine from nanoparticles. Her research expertise and interest include in diverse areas i.e. cancer research, immunocytochemistry, clinical trials, nanomedicine, medical implants, nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems, nanofabrication, biomaterials, thin film formation, surface chemistry, antimicrobial and anti-biofilm surfaces. She is an academic tutor and experienced in teaching in the area of chemistry, biology, microbiology, and research at Swinburne University of Technology.

She has a good record of publications such as 14 peer-reviewed publications including journal articles, book chapter, and review articles. Her excellence in research reflects good citation record (total 549 citations) and h-index value of ten (10). Most of her research papers have been published in high-quality leading journals with impressive impact factor, for example, few notable journals were published in Frontiers in Oncology (IF=5.738), Journal of Sleep Research (IF=5.296), Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (IF =9.965), Analytical Chemistry (IF=8.008).