What to Expect: Your First Consultation With a NIIM Integrative General Practitioner

Date: 10-04-2024

An initial consultation with one of our Integrative General Practitioners at NIIM is usually 45 to 60 minutes. These longer consultations are important to thoroughly identify and address the underlying causes of your health issues and start to implement a management plan.  

During this visit, the GP will gain a thorough and holistic insight into your health and individual needs. This foundational understanding is crucial for developing a comprehensive, personalised care plan. You will feel empowered to manage your health confidently, supported by your integrative GP. 

Your initial consultation may involve:  

  • Overviewing your medical history and listening to your ‘story’. You will not be rushed. All parts of your story are important to us. 
  • Understanding your physical health symptoms, as well as mental and emotional health symptoms. 
  • Assessing lifestyle factors and how they may be affecting your health, such as sleep, diet, movement, stress and environment. 
  • Reviewing any recent medical tests you have had and/or identifying tests you may need.  
  • Developing a holistic, comprehensive, personalised care plan, which may involve lifestyle/diet changes, supplements, further testing and/or consultation with other members of the NIIM health team (such as our psychologist or TCM practitioner). 

To discuss your needs and book an appointment with an Integrative General Practitioner at NIIM: book online at niim.com.au, email clinic@niim.com.au or call (03) 9804 0646