5 Top Tips for a Healthier Gut

Date: 20-04-2023

by Naturopath, Bronwyn Gooden



Prebiotics are foods high in fibre and resistant starch that feed the healthy bacteria in your gut. A healthy gut requires a diverse range of foods daily.


    • raw garlic
    • fennel
    • dandelion greens
    • asparagus
    • slightly unripe bananas
    • onions
    • apples
    • oats



Probiotics are live bacteria that help to re-populate the bacterial colonies in the gut. Aim for one different food source each day to diversify your microbiome.


    • yoghurt
    • tempeh
    • sauerkraut
    • kimchi
    • kombucha
    • kefir
    • miso
    • In some situations, a pro-biotic capsule will be required. Your health professional can advise on the correct strain to take.


Avoid foods that damage the gut microbiome

Reduce or minimise these as much as possible


    • alcohol
    • processed foods
    • refined carbohydrates
    • refined sugars
    • Smoking (technically not a food)



Minimise stress

Stress affects our gut via the bi-directional communication called the gut brain axis. Stress & depression can reshape the gut bacteria’s composition through stress hormones such as cortisol. These disturbances to our gut microbiome in turn further exacerbate our stress, both feed into each other.

Stress reducing techniques such as meditation, journalling, yoga help restore gut integrity

Don’t forget your water

Water helps keep your digestive function operating optimally. It is required for creating digestive juices which help to break down foods, improve detoxification & to prevent constipation.

Aim for 6 to 8 glasses daily (top tip: herbal teas count towards water intake)

Bron Gooden – Clinical Naturopath-  BHSc (Nat)