Prof Avni Sali – Connecting in Europe with Integrative Medicine Practitioners – 2022.

Date: 19-07-2022

Recently I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel overseas, after a long hiatus.  Prior to travelling, I had organised to meet relevant people in Europe.

On my first stop in Albania, I met up with a friend and past-Albanian Ambassador in Australia, Dr Edmond Trako, who is now involved in setting up a new Medical School at the Barletti University in Tirana. There I met with the University staff and spoke to them about Integrative Medicine. They were very interested and indicated that I will be an honorary University member to assist with setting-up and recruiting appropriate medical expertise for this unique medical faculty, orientated around Integrative Medicine.

Next, I went to London for the Integrative Personalised Medicine Conference, a successful event over three days attended by approx 1,000 people. This is the biggest Integrative Medicine Conference in Europe, indicating that we are potentially on the verge of a wider acceptance in this field of medicine.

The Conference was opened by H.R.H. Prince Charles who is a strong supporter of Integrative Medicine, who mentioned that it is the medicine of the future. Those involved in Integrative Medicine in the UK can be encouraged by the support of the Royal Family.

Dr Elizabeth Thompson stands beside Prof Avni Sali

The organisers had managed to have a huge number of exhibitors indicating the popularity of this industry. Here I connected with several leading people including the Conference Chair, Dr Elizabeth Thompson, who heads the National Centre for Integrative Medicine in Bristol. As well as Dr Dean Ornish who is famously known for leading lifestyle research in the treatment and reversal of coronary artery disease, prostate cancer and chronic disease. 

Two key factors from this event are the importance of the ‘mind and behaviour’ in the prevention and treatment of disease, as well as the role of the microbiome, not only of the digestive system but also in other sites, especially the mouth.

I reconnected with the Doctor leading the European Integrative Medicine Conference, of which I am on the Scientific Board – Dr Ana Moreira, who has invited me to open their conference in September in Portugal.

It is most heartening to see advances being made in Europe, and NIIM is constantly at the forefront of leading the way in Australia in Integrative Medicine both in our practice and in particular our world-leading research.

I am most re-energised, with new ideas and look forward to continuing our important work at NIIM in promoting Integrative Medicine as the medical paradigm of healthcare.