NIIM would like to extend its sincere gratitude to the following individuals and organisations for their generous support

Professorial Chair Sponsors

  • Vivienne Fried and The Spotlight Foundation
  • Robert Kirby and Village Roadshow Ltd
  • Adem and Nichola Karafili
  • Peter Copulos and Copulos Foundation
  • Anne Kantor and Dara Foundation
  • Swisse
  • Adam Garrison

Property Supporters

  • Sharon Kepper
  • Robert Kirby and Village Roadshow Ltd
  • Peter Vial
  • The Zervas family
  • The Spotlight Foundation
  • Peter Copulos and the Copulos Foundation
  • Michael Drapac
  • Graham and Lauren Candy & Peter Byrne

Major Project Supporters

  • The Lightfolk Foundation
  • Giorgio Gjergja and the Bagot Gjergja Foundation
  • Robert Kirby and Village Roadshow Ltd
  • Philip Bunce
  • Marino Angelini
  • Uschi Schwartz
  • Celebrate Life Foundation (Swisse)
  • Biological Therapies
  • Hope and Tony Saba Foundation
  • Adam Garrisson
  • David Bardas and the Bardas Foundation
  • The Dara Foundation
  • Tony Haggarty
  • Pratt Foundation
  • Ponting Foundation
  • Graham and Lauren Candy
  • Richard Silberstein

Best Practice https://bpsoftware.net

EatRite Australasia Pty Ltd
The official suppliers of tea and coffee to NIIM www.naturescuppa.com

Also, our warmest thanks to the group of prominent Australians who supported NIIM in establishing our property and services.