Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment Study

Location: NIIM Gold Coast, QLD

Seeking Participants for patients with Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia, who can travel to Robina, Gold Coast, QLD for assessment and treatment.



Chronic fatigue and chronic pain are highly prevalent in 10-40% of Australians. The cause of disease is not always clear, and chronic infections often play a role. This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of intravenous Vit C, ozone blood therapy, and /or ozone plus UV light blood therapy over a 4 month period of patients with chronic fatigue.



  • Vitamin C administered intravenously
  • Ozone Therapy (Major Autohaemolytic Therapy)
  • Ozone Therapy with UV Light therapy


Who can participate in this study?

  1. You have had chronic fatigue and/or chronic pain for at least 3 months
  2. Your serum zinc level is > 14 umol/l, and your urine pH is > 7
  3. You are not pregnant, or diagnosed with cancer
  4. Your CTC count is < 5 CTC/ml, determined by the CTC & Pathogen Blood Test (links: https://niim.com.au/research-education/circulating-tumour-cells-ctc-trial; https://niim.com.au/research-education/niim-pathogen-blood-test-research-study ), and you have not been diagnosed with cancer
  5. You are not planning any surgery, or change of medication during the 4 month study
  6. You must not have any intolerance or allergy to vitamin C
  7. You are able to travel to NIIM Gold Cost, Robina, Gold Coast, QLD for assessment and treatment.

What the study entails:

  • Blood testing and questionnaires before and after therapy
  • There will be 3 types of therapy, intravenous Vit C, ozone blood therapy, and ozone plus UV light therapy blood over a 4 month period
  • Each therapy will be done for approximately 1 month
  • Start of the next therapy will depend on your response to treatment and clinical assessment
  • You will be randomised to start with one of the 3 therapies
or email directly to: research@niim.com.au / Subject heading: Chronic Fatigue Treatment Study