Nikolaj Travica

Bsc(Hons), Cert .III. Pathol
Research Assistant/PhD candidate

Nikolaj Travica has a Bachelor in Psychology and Psychophysiology (2012), and an Honours degree in Science, majoring in Psychology (2013), from Swinburne University of Technology. Nikolaj’s key areas of interest include research into the effects of natural remedies (nutrition, exercise, sleep) on cognitive and neuropsychological functioning, and determining the risk factors associated with cognitive decline. Nikolaj utilises cognitive and cardiovascular measures to investigate dietary supplements with the potential to improve cognition and reduce other health risk factors for dementia and cardiovascular disease. Further research interests include the effects of stress and trauma on physiological functioning, cardiovascular and mental health and gut microbiome function. Nikolaj has been the lead and co-investigator of a number of large clinical trials and has authored a number of studies in high impact journals. He has also been a speaker at a number of scientific and medical conferences.

Nikolaj also attained his certificate III in Pathology through Australian Health Professional Training (AHPT) Solutions (2014). Apart from his research role at NIIM, Nikolaj is currently also enrolled as a Science PhD candidate through Swinburne University of Technology and NIIM, where he is primarily investing the effects of surgery on cognitive function and nutritional status.