Dr Seikan Čech (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Mind-Body Medicine & Meditation

DrTCM(Acup)CMRB, BHealthSc(Hons), BArch(Hons), BA(Psych), GradDipFamTherapy, GradDipAOD(DHS), DipCouns

Seikan is a Zen monk within the Japanese Zen tradition: “Not founded on beliefs, pointing directly to the nature of the mind.” In his role as a Zen teacher, Seikan engages people from all walks of life in the very simple practice of Zen meditation for developing the capacity to be fully present in life, and to reconnect with our inherent wellness whatever the circumstances.

Seikan integrates a breadth of professional training and experience, including as a clinician, acupuncturist, clinical psychotherapist, group facilitator, researcher, lecturer, public speaker, designer, and artist. He is the founder and director of the Melbourne Zen Centre and Melbourne Zen Hospice, and is also actively involved as a consultant for other health care and community organization, as well as creatively engaged in selected art and wellness projects.