If you missed it – A Doctor’s Advice – NIIM Webinar

Date: 27-03-2020

If you missed our Wednesday webinar on an Integrative approach to COVID-19, you can now access it online.

Before you hear from two leader in the field, as a DGR-endorsed charitable institute, we rely on your generosity and support to continue hosting free public events.

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We recognise that there is an influx of confusing messages across social media and in traditional media. Over the coming weeks, we are planning to hold a series of webinars for the NIIM community with valuable and trusted information from our team of medical professionals and leaders in Integrative Medicine.

In this webinar, Professor Avni Sali AM and Professor Ian Brighthope answered pressing questions and gave practical answers, useful tips and information on how to support your immune system during this time.

We hope you can join us as we continue to provide this free resource for our community.

Note: Unfortunately due to a technical hiccup the webinar recording begins 2 minutes into the session, It begins with Professor Sali discussing his thoughts on the government’s response to the Coronavirus health crisis and how Integrative Medicine approaches may help.