Ride With Mike Update – Tour de France Stage 10 Complete

Date: 15-07-2019

Another great update from our friend Mike from Ride With Mike. Mike has just completed Stage 10 of the Tour de France! Congratulations Mike,

Today was tough mentally as it was physically demanding. The first 60km of this 217km long ride was the toughest yet for me as my legs felt extremely heavy and burning like fire as we rode immediately into the strong gusting headwind and big hills. Now as funny, stupid funny, as this sounds,… but once I talked my legs in to accepting the pain for the next 8+ hours my body then clicked into action and away we went.. Marcos worked tirelessly for me all day, drafting on the flats and pacing me up the hills, we work very well together and he brought me to the finish line in great condition.

The pros will be full gas and absolutely fly on this stage.
Today Marcos and I averaged approx 27kph for the 217km distance and 3,144m of climbing (Marcos computer reads 27.4 and mine 26.5… splitting hairs I know.). Pretty surprised given the conditions, terrain, duration and I was resting up the hills and we mostly battled head and cross winds all day.

Tomorrow is a rest day and then we continue our journey into the Pyrenees.

Below are my statistics for the 10 Stages completed so far:
Kilometers ridden = 1,812.90
Meters climbed = 24,542
Average speed = 24.5kph

Tonight I bid farewell to Marcos & Jack who have worked tirelessly both on and off the bike, just amazing what these guys do and I can’t thank them enough for the support they provide me. The workload behind the scenes and tight schedules to make all this happen is crazy, madness really. Pete and Joel who supported me in the Giro will take over from Marcos and Jack for the coming week through the Pyrenees.

Many thanks for all your support and comments. Apologies for not replying however please know I read them all and they really lift my spirits and fuel my energy levels. X


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