NIIM Meditation CD’s now available on streaming and digital download services!

Date: 24-10-2018

NIIM is happy to announce that our three Meditation and Mind Body Medicine CD’s are now available on streaming and digital download services including Spotify and Apple Music or iTunes.

NIIM has produced three CDs ‘An Introduction to Meditation & Mind Body Medicine’ Volumes I and II as well the new ‘An Introduction to Meditation & Mind​-​Body Medicine – For Kids’ specifically targeted at children.

These three albums provide the perfect introduction to anyone, young or old, interested in Meditation or Mind-Body Medicine. Featuring introductions by Professor Avni Sali, the CD’s guide the listener through practical techniques taught by expert teachers including: Dr Ian Gawler, Seikan Čech, Rabbi Laibl Wolf, Pauline McKinnon, Dr Craig Hassed and more.

Listen to the CDs
The NIIM Meditation CD’s are available for Streaming, Digital Download or on CD at: