Just published: Rare Fungal Infection Linked to a Case of Juvenile Arthritis

Date: 03-09-2018

The NIIM Research Department has just published it’s latest article Rare Fungal Infection Linked to a Case of Juvenile Arthritis.


Juvenile arthritis with unknown disease etiology is also known as juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Symptoms include joint pain, swelling, and stiffness, and standard treatment involves immunosuppressant medication.

Here we present a case of juvenile idiopathic arthritis with severe malnutrition and worsening of symptoms, which restrained a nine-year-old girl to a wheelchair with minimal movement capacity and low energy during standard immunosuppressant therapies over the course of three years.

Our innovative Pathogen Blood Test combining cytology-based microscopy and genetic analysis using a pan-fungal primer assay and sequencing identified a systemic fungal infection with Sagenomella species, closely related to Aspergillus, and a soil-dwelling highly pathogenic fungus, which had previously been linked to a fatal veterinary case of arthritis and malnutrition.

Our test results encouraged a radical change of the patient’s treatment plan, including cessation of the regular immunosuppressants, including steroids, over six months. The patient made a progressive recovery, including complete reversion of the previously swollen and painful joints, development of a good appetite, and return to liveliness. Within the year of change from immunosuppressants to immune-supportive integrative nutritional therapies, including regular intravenous vitamin C, and oral vitamin D, as well as gentle aqua- and physiotherapy, the patient started to gain weight including muscle mass and regained strength and movement in the hands, arms, and legs. She was able to walk again within 18 months. Her mood and energy levels continued to improve and she was able to return to school full-time.

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