Dr Anjana Arun joins the NIIM Clinic

Date: 09-04-2018

We are happy to announce that Dr Anjana Arun has joined our dedicated team! 

Anjana is an Integrative General Practitioner who combines the latest evidence based medical and complementary therapies with her clinical experience to help her patients . She has a wealth of experience in chronic fatigue syndrome and body “ burnout”. Anjana has undertaken Level 1 training in chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) due to mold exposure and infections. She has also completed extensive training into microbiome dysfunction including Large Bowel dysbiosis and Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth (SIBO) Anjana believes these two areas, when addressed on top of a solid foundation of nutritional and mind body medicine (ACNEM FELLOW), can improve the quality of life for those patients debilitated by chronic illness

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