We are excited to announce the opening of NIIM Sydney!

Date: 26-03-2018

We are excited to announce the opening of Lane Cove’s new Premier Integrative Medical Clinic, NIIM Sydney.

NIIM Sydney Clinic is now open and will provide the community with access to the best integrative medical care, which combines conventional medicine with evidence based complementary medicine, therapies and lifestyle interventions. The clinic will house integrative medical doctors, allied and complementary health practitioners and the latest innovative therapies all under the one roof.

With a highly experienced team, NIIM Sydney offers the best evidence-based conventional and complementary treatments for chronic and everyday illnesses. Our doctors have furthered their medical training with additional education such as nutritional, environmental, and mind-body medicine, using natural therapies wherever necessary and scientifically proven useful.

The focus of Integrative Medicine is on optimal outcomes in terms of patient satisfaction and wellbeing, as well as long term health improvement, prevention and treatment of disease. It encompasses a ‘whole person’ approach with a supportive and empowering patient-clinician relationship. The integrative model focuses on the cause of illness and is well suited to the care of people with chronic conditions including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many others.

Find out more about our doctors here:

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And more doctors joining soon…

NIIM Sydney is backed by the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM), Australia’s leading evidence-based integrative medicine academic and research centre.

NIIM works to raise awareness of the benefits and role of integrative medicine in medical practice and public health.  This is achieved through community programs, professional education, research publications and free public lectures.

In collaboration with a network of national and international partners, NIIM is dedicated to ongoing research, establishing a strong evidence base for effective healthcare treatments and specialist technologies.  These innovations increase screening, early detection and treatment options for patients which can significantly improve patient outcomes.

Any proceeds from NIIM Sydney support the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM) for education and research into health improvement, prevention, detection and treatment of disease.

NIIM is a not-for-profit DGR endorsed charitable organisation.