NIIM Clinic – Online Patient Booking now available

Date: 25-01-2017

The NIIM Clinic is happy to now offer Online Patient Booking! Partnering with HotDoc, this service allows patients to book their preferred practitioner and type of appointment at the time of their choosing.

How do I book a NIIM Clinic appointment online?

Patients can booking appointments in 3 ways

  1. Using the NIIM Clinic website, the booking process integrates directly into the website:
  2. Patients can install the HotDoc app on their Apple or Android device from the Apple Store or Android Play Store
  3. Patients can also book using the HotDoc website

Because of the comprehensive nature of Integrative Medicine not all NIIM Clinic practitioners accept ONLINE appointments or ONLINE new Patient consultation bookings. If you are told you cannot book your desired appointment or a doctor is ‘not taking new patients’, please call (03) 9804 0646 for further assistance.