Dr Catherine Fyans & Dr Chris Corcos – Public Lecture Footage now online

Date: 22-01-2015

For everyone who couldn’t make it to last years December Public Lecture featuring Dr Chris Corcos and Dr Catherine Fyans, footage of both lectures is now available online!

Dr Catherine Fyans



Dr Catherine Fyans
Dr Fyans is an Integrative General Practitioner who has a particular interest in ‘mind-body’ medicine. Her interest in this area has led her to also train in other health care disciplines, including kinesiology, energy medicine and psychosomatic medicine. She believes that mind is the great untapped healing tool; and that education is key to help empower individuals to harness the power of their own minds to optimise their own health and wellbeing.

  • ‘Mind-body’ medicine defined
  • Changing paradigms of health care
  • Healing as transformation
  • The meaning of illness from a ‘mind-body’ perspective
  • Empowerment versus victimisation in the healing journey
  • The role of beliefs and the subconscious mind


Dr Chris Corcos


MENTAL HEALTH: What it is and how to get there

Dr Christopher Corcos
A consultant psychiatrist in private practice at the NIIM Clinic, Dr Corcos has extensive experience in general adult psychiatry. He has a special interest in complex trauma, nutritional and holistic medicine and the psychotherapies.

Dr Corcos will present, from a medical perspective, some core principles for great mental health:

  • The diagnostic hierarchy
  • Complex Trauma
  • What about emotions?
  • How to fix the physical things
  • How to fix Complex Trauma