On-Site HealthChecks

A Healthy Workforce Brings Rewards

If you want a healthy business (and bottom line), keep your staff healthy.

According to new research commissioned by government initiative Get Healthy at Work, small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) with a healthy workforce are $100,000 better off over a five year period than businesses with unhealthy staff.

Encouraging staff to have a healthy lunch, get up from their desk or ride a bike to work, and offering workplace health checks could result in a very healthy business saving. It is estimated that a successful workplace program can decrease staff turnover by an average pf 10-25%,[1] and decrease staff absenteeism by an average of 30-40%.[2]

Effective workplace health programs have also been shown to deliver a broader range of business benefits including improved morale and greater employee engagement.

The positive effects of a healthy workplace both on employee sentiment and business costs far outweigh the investment a business might make to create a healthy workplace.

NIIM Workplace HealthChecks

NIIM is pleased to announce we now offer Integrative Workplace HealthChecks in the convenience of your office.

Proposals are tailored to meet your company’s needs.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help keep your staff healthy.

1. PwC 2008, Building the case for wellness, United Kingdom.
2. Australian Human Resources Institute 2008, Love ’em don’t lose ’em – identifying retention strategies that work, HR pulse Research Report. Available from www.ahri.com.au